When we have more time, I can share with you the details of the roller coaster ride that I was on after learning that I was (1) clinically depressed; (2) allergic and obese; (3) pre-diabetic; and (4) old beyond my years.  Have you ever come to the end of your rope and just hung there, trying to figure out, “What now?”  My answer was to set out on a quest to restore my spirit and my health.  As a consequence, I discovered the power of yoga.

I now teach Yoga and Meditation as an integral part of healing practices, and specialize in yoga for health-challenged, larger, stressed and aging bodies.  The goal for me is to customize meditation and yoga sessions according to the learner’s profile and physical/psychological needs.  I offer public classes, and private sessions, as well as workshops.

My training and certifications include chair yoga; “Yoga for Anger, Anxiety and Depression;” “Yoga for the Aging;” “Yoga for Cardiac and Cancer Patients;” and “Meditation and Movement Style Yoga.”  I received my 200 and 500 hour training at A Gentle Way Yoga and Joyful Movement Center in San Diego, California , founded by Lanita Varshell.

The public classes that I teach are for those whose bodies need to be comforted and supported at this point in their journey toward healing.  Whether the class is focused on lying-down, seated, or standing poses, an emphasis is always on connecting with the body and easing it into joyful movement.  I call this my Eazy Effort style of yoga:  finding that balance between relaxing the body in order to go deeply into a pose, and challenging the body in order to build strength and flexibility.  You are invited to come to my classes and discover the power of your relaxed body – the power required for healing and for developing your best self.