Please join us for one of Sheila’s signature Sunshine and Rain Workshops: The Power of Silence. Sheila teaches Yoga classes aimed at calming the mind, body, and spirit in preparation for meeting the Divine in that place of deep silence. Through her guidance, the group will learn the meaning of, as well as practice, ‘falling into silence.’

As an educator and Yoga Instructor for years, you will experience Sheila’s warm-heartedness, kindness and compassionate nature as she directs the group through an inward journey of the body, mind, and spirit. For more details, please email Sheila at

Friday, November 6

6:15 PM


Love and Light Healing Center

8630 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, CA  619-644-1895             

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Bring this flyer with you for one free yoga class with Sheila at the Love&Light Healing Center.  Expires 12/30/31